Four munafiqs stumbled across the body of Sheikh Abdul-Halim Sadulaev, President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria after he had been killed by the Russians in a chance encounter. One of them recognised him and was struck by the nur (light) shining from his face.”Look at his face,” he cried involuntarily. A second one, who it seems could read Arabic, cried out, “And look at his arm too. The name ALLAH is traced out in his blood.”

At that moment one of them photographed Sadulaev and hid his telephone. The awe-struck munafiqs left Sadulaev’s body untouched, left his money, which had been destined for the mujahideen, untouched by his side.

Sadulaev’s corpse was later found and mutilated, and the money looted.

The munafiq who took the photograph has circulated the story of what he witnessed and says he is now ready to join the mujahideen resistance.

Знамение Аллаха на Шейхе Абдул-Халиме