Kadyrovites (Chechens serving the Kremlin puppet Ramzan Kadyrov)

In the first few days of July up to forty armed Kadyrovites fled to the mountains to join the mujahideen. According to information sources, at present the former Kadyrovites are in a special quarantine base in the Chechen mountains.

Each of the fleeing Kadyrovites is undergoing investigation to check for participation in the killing of Muslims and other serious crimes.

As the former Kadyrovites themselves confirm, they took the decision to go over to the mujahedin after the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria [the resistance government] announced an amnesty to those traitors who repented and were not involved in the killing of innocent civilians and mujahedin.

The Kadyrovites fleeing to the mountains state that in the ranks of the munafiqs, especially among the youth, there is quite a strong mood of repentance. Many are seeking an independent path of escape.

Source: Десятки кадыровцев бежали в горы