In May, in Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia, the Imam of the Falyak Mosque, Bayburin Said Irikovich, was detained. The Imam told his wife by telephone that he had been stopped by a patrol, and would soon be released. However, several hours later, with no sign of the Imam’s return, his wife sought help in locating him. The four people who set out to discover why the authorities were holding the Imam were, in turn, themselves detained. Their car was searched for weapons. They were held for four hours and only released — without charge or explanation — when relatives arrived to complain.

During their detention the Imam’s flat was searched. Literature, a computer belonging to the Imam’s niece, computer disks and memory sticks, notepads, and money collected for the medical treatment of the Imam’s ill wife were confiscated.

Following this, the Imam’s wife was taken for interrogation, where she was informed that there had been found in her husband’s car four hundred grammes of TNT along with heroin.