An Interview with Abdul-Halim Sadulaev, President of Chechnya, Subsequently Murdered by the Kremlin

Q: The Muslim world today does not show such active interest in the Chechen struggle for independence. What in your opinion is the reason?

A: The situation in the world has changed. If earlier, Jihad was waged mainly on our territory, then many of the world’s countries are engaged in this holy struggle today — Afghanistan, Iraq, in the first instance Palestine. Many Islamic countries have become frontlines. So the support of the Muslims is now divided. But we never felt that ordinary Muslims took no interest or didn’t help us. On the contrary, not only the men help us, our Muslim sisters support the mojaheddin too by sending us their personal valuables. We know that a great many Muslims make duas to Allah for us . And that too is support.

Q: The Chechen mujaheddin are criticised for carrying out operations targeting civilians. What do you day to such criticism?

A: “The greater the lie, the more they’ll believe it.” The Russians spread propaganda, claiming that all we are interested in is killing civilians. They try to plant this propaganda across the world. However, everyone knows full well in reality who is killing civilians and who gives out orders to murder. Everyone knows that Putin gave his troops the order to kill ten innocent civilians for every dead soldier, declaring that it was the only way to acchieve victory.

Last year Russian troops savagely killed the six-month-old child and wife of one of our mujaheddin. And there are hundreds of such cases. The world’s press says nothing about this, nothing about the fact that the Russians have killed fifty thousand Chechen children. Or are the children of Chechen Muslims not considered innocent civilians?

Source: Chechen Press (2006/03/27)