‘Faik Shabanov, police chief of the Zakatalskiy District in Azerbaijan, is torturing Wahhabites: they are brought to the police, where their beards are burnt with a lighter and then shaved off. The “Caucasian Knot” correspondent learnt about it from local residents.

‘Already 8 persons suffered from Shabanov’s actions; they are kept by the police under the pretext of making resistance thereto.

‘Azerbaijani religious figures regard the actions of the police chief an encroachment on the religious freedom of citizens.

‘Human rights activist Saida Godjamanly has confirmed the information about tortures, and stated that she intended to lodge a complaint to the top managers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs against the police despotism in the Zakatalskiy District.

‘According to unofficial data, by the number of the believers, Wahhabism is taking the third place after traditional Shiism and Sunnism in Azerbaijan. The number of supporters of this primordially Saudi Islam version is on the rise.’

Source: Azerbaijan: policemen burn Wahhabites’ beards