In Dagestan, Russian Federation, a new movement called “Mothers of Dagestan” held a meeting about the kidnapping of young people. About 200 people gathered. Their chief demand was for news of the fates of those kidnapped, a decision on whether charges will be pressed and lawyers given access, the punishment of those guilty of the kidnapping (there were calls for the head of the Interior Ministry and State Prosecution to resign). They also appealed to the leadership of the republic for the law against Wahhabi activity to be repealed.

From the end of April of this year in Dagestan “people in camouflage uniforms” have kidnapped at least twenty young people, some of whom attended a mosque independent of the Spiritual Council of Muslims. None of the relatives’ demands — for news of the kidnapped, for the chance to visit them, for them to get legal defence, or charges to be brought against the kidnappers — have been met.

The “Mothers of Dagestan” havve announced they are willing to resort to extreme methods — to go on hunger strike or set fire to themselves. At the meeting, the relatives passed a motion to write to President Putin and the president of Dagestan.

“Матери Дагестана” не теряют надежду найти сыновей