Mass Graves

It is surprising that the world community has not paid as much attention to the ditches where lots of bodies are buried together as they do in other parts of the world when they were found out in Chechnya. The dead bodies of people who had been lost since the beginning of 2001 have started to emerge in mass graves and the world has started to question Russia about them, but the ‘inquisitive mind’ has again gone out of the cycle. 25th February 2001 is a very important date in that, it was the revelation of the first mass grave. 200 corpses mass grave is found in Khan-Kala where there is a Russian military base , near Grozny. The legs and arms of the bodies were tied up and they were blindfolded. Before they could recover from this shock the Chechen people faced the second mass grave of 50 people. There was even the dead body of a one-year-old baby in that in Roshni-Chu.

There were more to add to these which should be considered as crimes of war on 14th April, 2001 in a district of Grozny: Avtorkhanovsky, of three people, and on May 1st, 2001 in Dachni, Grozny with dead bodies all internal organs removed, and yet another one containing 35 people’s bodies on May 4th 2001 in Khan-Kala. On 5th May, 2001 when an explosion led to the death of two children at the entrance of a building used as headquarters this event revealed another mass grave of 70 people in the basement of that building.

In May, in Oktyabrsky, Grozny in the yard of a building which had been used as headquarters again a mass grave of 17 was found. On August 30th the bodies of 56 people were dug out near the village Aleroy, and on 15th October in Avtorkhanovsky area a mass grave of 50 people was found.

Graves Proving Organ Mafia

Mass graves enabled another truth to be known in public. After the post-mortem practised on the corps took out, it revealed another fact beside there have been brutally tortured before they were killed; their internal organs were also missing. Then what happened to these organs?
Claims of which the organs of humans are sold to the international organ mafia and some organs were studied at laboratories as medical experiment materials, have come up. Being most of the people especially youngsters whose bodies were found in the mass graves after they have been arrested and put in the concentration camps after they are arrested or been lost, made the claims’ credibility stronger. Because the mafia is after the organs that are younger.
Only after an international independent commission to investigate those claims is set up, public opinion will be able to be enlightened.

Let alone the investigation of the independent organizations in the mass graves, even the requests of entrance to Chechnya from OSCE, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, UN and international human rights organizations have always been neglected. At last, OSCE managed to open an office in Chechnya on 16 June 2001. But still its carrying out independent activities completely depend on the establishment of secured environment.

Land Of Ruins

Russian bombardment have destroyed 50,000 houses in Chechnya. 270 out of 424 villages are completely destroyed. 68 are partially destroyed. Some of the destroyed settlements were housing about 10 thousand population each. 14 of the 23 cities are heavily destroyed. End of war will require huge amounts of finance and time to reconstruct the country.

Hundreds of thousands of land mines being planted all over Chechnya, is the threat for the future generation. Russian Internal Forces Chief, Sergei Aranin have admitted on 09 January 2001 that “Russia planted over 500,000 land mines all over Chechnya.” Children are the victims of these mines. Association of Concentration Camp Victims details that 2,300 children are crippled from mines, alone in year 2000.

Land mines and air/surface bombardment have poisoned the agricultural lands of Chechnya and have destroyed the future of a nation. Communication of Chechnya is destroyed in the beginning of the war and all possibilities of reach are cut. Industry is levelled. Oil wells are bombed.
Chechnya Question after 11 September 2001
Chechnya declared its independence at the dissolution of the Soviet Union in year 1991 and abstained to join The Russian Federation? on 31 March 1991 and furthered its will by staying away from 12 December 1993 Russian Constitutional Elections. Russians in turn claimed Chechnya as its “internal matter” and shed blood since then. Status of Chechnya depends on agreement with the Russian Federation per free will of The Chechen People. This agreement will be observed by international community.

In view of the continuing war in Chechnya and with all the sufferings, this is not an internal matter of Russia. Russian Federation is trying to take advantage of USA terrorism of 11 September and exploits the feelings of the world community against the conflict in Chechnya.
President Putin said on television that “The Russian war in Chechnya should be considered as international terrorism.” An obvious covering effort of Mr. Putin to launder the crimes of the Russian military invasion of Chechnya. 

War Torn Chechnya