Here’s an interesting article Alexander Litvinenko wrote on how the Kremlin milked 9/11.

More Lies from Russian Terrorists

By Alexander Litvinenko

One month before the 9/11 attacks, the influential Time Magazine published an article about Putin’s connections with Russian crime syndicates. Just one month later, after the terrorist attacks, the same magazine would call the Russian president “a reliable friend and partner of the United States”.

What made Russia and the US into allies was Putin’s telephone call to President Bush just 30 minutes after the 9/11 tragedy. Had Putin been sitting near his telephone and waiting for the right time?

So, who won from the 9/11 terrorist attacks? Afghan Taliban? Western democracies? Perhaps, Saddam Hussein, who is on trial now? Only one political force – Putin and his KGB – benefits from international terrorism, both inside and outside Russia. After the 9/11 attacks and following anti-terrorist hysteria, the KGB re-gained its power at home and influence at the internaional stage, not to mention the sky-high oil prices.

Long ago, Sudoplatov has revealed that the Middle East terrorism was part of the KGB’s “oil war” against the West. This war is still going on.

These days, Russian special services organised another performance, with their own diplomats being taken hostages in Iraq and the terrorists demanding Russia to withdraw from Chechnya immediately. In addition, it is said that the same hostage-takers also captured two American soldiers.

The Russian media immediately promoted the Iraqi terorists’ demands all over the world. The question is: why did the same media remained silent when a similar demand – to stop the war in Chechnya – was made by the hostage-takers in Beslan school? What is the diference?

Oddly enough, underdeveloped Russia is now a member of the G7 forum of the most economically developed democracies. Furthermore, the Chechens’ hangman Putin is now its chairman. On the eve of the summit, he desperately needs to show himself as a victim of internaional terrorism. Undoubtedly, the agents of Russian special services in Iraq organise these provocations exactly for this purpose.

Let me remind some statements of Russian officials which were made just after the 9/11 attacks.

“Four of the terrorists who piloted the planes for the terrorist attacks in the US had paticipated in military activities in Chechnya, says Sergey Yastrzhembsky, Russian president’s aide. According to Mr. Yastrzhembsky, the people who sent the terrorists to attack the sky-scrapers had trained them on the basis of Chechen rebels’ experience. The Russian side has already sent the proofs of that to US special services.”


“A technical description of ‘Boeing-737′ airliner and a manual for pilots were found in a Chechen rebels’ hiding place, the FSB Chechnya Direcorate informs. This hiding place was found by the special services in a house of some women residing in Tsotsin-Yurt, Kurchloi District, Chechnya. A CD kept in this hiding place contaned the aircraft’s description. Besides, eplosives, weapons, ammunition and Wahhabite literature were found in the same hiding place. According to the special services’ information, this hiding plae was organised by the gang led by a notorious terrorist, known as Abdurahman the Small.

Meanwhile, mother of Ahmed al-Hamdi, one of the 9/11 attacks suspect, has confesed that her son had fought in Chechnya. According to her, two months ago her son telephoned her from Chechnya, where he had went without warning his family. The last time she saw Ahmed al-Hamdi was last December, when he visited Saudi Arabia.”


“Rusian special services possess an achive of Chechen rebels, whose documents show that the rebels received support from Osama bin Laden. According to the documents, wide-scale recruitment of mercenaries to send them to Chechnya is underway in a number of Moslem countries. The rebel leaders Hattab and Shamil Basayev co-ordinate their activities with Osama bin Laden, the number one terrorist and the ideologist of ‘Global Jihad’.

The training of terrorists and sending them to Chechnya is organised through Hezbollah, the Yemenese Moslem Brotherhood, and International Islamic Relief.”

Since September 2001, we still have got no proves of all these Kremlin’s lies. Where are you, Abdurahman the Small, Ahmed al-Hamdi, the 7-feet-tall Chechen nuclear sumbarine commander with a scar on his face who dreams of killing a US admiral, 500 Chechen bodyguards of Osama bin Laden, 300 most desperate Chechen defenders of Baghdad, numerous caves and hiding placs with pilot manuals? Where are all these Sheharezada  characters, invented and promoted so well by Lubyanka and the Kremlin?

And, after that, how should we accept another lies of Russian propaganda about Chechen Resistance’s connections to “world terrorism”?

Chechen Press