Ingushetiya, formerly the Chechen-Ingush Republic in Soviet times, is edging towards crisis. More and more devout Muslims are being kidnapped, shot and framed by the authorities, as they clamp down on the resurgence of faith among the youth of the republic. Here’s a recent report of such an event:

Press agencies citing the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Ingushetiya press office (headed by Yakhya Khadziyev) have reported that in Karabulak two local residents have been detained who are suspected of involvement in the killing of the family of the Russian teacher Vera Draganchuk. “Last Monday in the course of investigative work in Ingushetiya officers of the republic’s Ministry of Internal Affairs detained Kazbek Matiyev, born 1978, and Magomed Ozdoyev, born 1986. According to preliminary information, they are suspected of involvement in the killing of the husband and two sons of a Russian teacher in Karabulak, Ingushetiya,” reported Yakhya Khadziyev. Meanwhile, friends and relatives of the detainees are certain of their innocence. “If they were guilty, they wouldn’t have sat calmly at home, especially after the recent events in our town. I know these kids well. They are being held only because they are known for being religious, for not using alcohol. They aren’t capable of murder, what’s more, the religion of Islam, which they practise, strictly prohibits it,” Karabulak resident Ruslan Kostoyev, who knows the detainees well, told our correspondent. Meanwhile, following a well-worn pattern, the Federal media announces to the entire world that anyone who is detained in Ingushetiya has been “involved” in terrorist acts and crimes recently committed in the republic. The press office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Ingushetiya actively assists in slandering detainees.