From the Ingushetiya.Ru site: 

An Officer of the Mobile unit of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs: the Lists of Addresses for “Working through” and Liquidation of “Wahhabis” Living at these Addresses Are Issued to Us by the Local Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Lists Are Approved by the Republic’s Islamic Council

Our correspondent has managed to talk with the commander of one of the subunits of the Directorate of Internal Affairs for Kurgan Region. The group of policemen headed by him is attached to the mobile unit of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs based in Karabulak. In the words of the officer of the Directorate of Internal Affairs for Kurgan Region, the list of persons suspected of terrorist activity and “Wahhabism” is given to them by the local Ministry of Internal Affairs. In particular, the address of the Galayevs in Sagopshi village was on the list due for “working through” and “liquidation” sent to the mobile unit and signed by the Ingush Republic Minister of Internal Affairs Musa Medov. The operation in Sagopshi was approved by Medov and the latter assured them that the Galayevs were Wahhabis and combatants, that it was desirable to eliminate them on the spot, and not to attempt to take them captive. “At a joint operational meeting with the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Ingushetiya, Medov announced to us that the list was approved by the Islamic Council for Ingushetiya, that it included “Wahhabis” who leave the mosque on Fridays after midday prayers before the others etc.,” the officer of the mobile unit said.

In this manner, many young Muslims have found themselves placed on the “list for execution” compiled by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Ingushetiya jointly with the Islamic Council for the Republic of Ingushetiya. Their entire guilt lies in the fact that they pray in the wrong way and leave the mosque early, after the ruzban prayer without performing the midday prayer. Whether they are indeed combatants, whether they belong to illegal armed formations is not a question bothering anyone.