This is Fulla, the Hijab-clad Arab Muslim adaptation of the decadent West’s Barbie doll.

Our Barbie wears the Hijab (head scarf) and Islamic attire – a long dress with long sleeves. While she is a blessing to many parents in the Muslim world who are happy to see their children playing with a doll which conforms to social traditions and religious obligations, Egyptian blogger Ahmed Shokeir registers his disgust against Tunisian authorities who aren’t happy with the doll and are conducting a witch hunt and confiscating it from stores.

“Fulla is an Arab doll, developed a few years ago as an adaptation from the famous Barbie doll. It is only natural that she appears Arab or more specifically Gulf Arab, wearing the attire people in this part of the world are used to. Its manufacturers made sure that she wears the head scarf and its accompanying cloak without a veil, which covers the face. But Tunisia and you don’t know what Tunisia is, is conducting a clampdown and confiscating the doll and all other items which have Fulla’s image (such are stationery and school bags) on the grounds that the clothes she is wearing spread sectarianism. One of the journalists wrote that school bags carry Fulla’s pictures and he was worried that young children will be arrested and questioned for carrying the bags,” he wrote.

Source: Arabic Hijab Clad Doll under Fire in Tunisia