Rabbis: ‘Gazans Aren’t Innocent, Don’t Risk Soldiers’

“With operation Cast Lead ongoing, rabbis and legal scholars have taken the position that the Arabs who democratically elected Hamas are not innocent bystanders in the conflict. As seen on Arutz Sheva.”

Rabbi David Bar-Chayim says in this news bulletin:

“We’re talking about a society that is dedicated to murder and savagery and barbarism.”

“It is against the Torah, and for that matter against common sense and basic universal human morality that we should endanger even one of our soldiers when fighting such evil, the sole purpose of which is to destroy us.”

“‘When the evil are destroyed, there is rejoicing.’ … These people are evil. When such people are destroyed, we have no tears to shed.”

“I don’t believe that there are any innocent civilians.”

This is what the Israeli people are watching, night after night, on their TV sets…