The New Nazis
Press TV (Iran)
Fri, 16 Jan 2009
By Alan Hart

Knowing the documented truth about the creation of Israel by Zionist terrorism and ethnic cleansing, and watching – mainly thanks to Al Jazeera and Press TV live feeds – the war on Gaza, Israel’s latest display of state terrorism, I have come to a conclusion. It is time to give Israel’s hardcore Zionists their real name. They are the New Nazis.

Europeans and Americans could have stopped the original Nazis and prevented the extermination of six million Jews. If Europeans and Americans do not stop the New Nazis, it is likely that their end game will be the extermination of millions of Palestinians.

In his book An Ethical Tradition Betrayed, The End of Judaism, Dr. Hajo G. Meyer, a Nazi holocaust (Auschwitz) survivor, compared Israel’s policies – as of 2007 when the book was published – with the early stages of the Nazi persecution of Germany’s Jews.

He stressed that he was not seeking to draw a parallel between Israel’s current policies and the Nazis’ “endgame” – the slaughter of six million European Jews (and also the mass murder of many non-Jews).

He was merely trying to point out, he wrote, “the slippery slope” that eventually led to that catastrophe, and the necessity of “foreseeing the possible consequences” of a policy that oppresses and marginalizes the Palestinians in their own homeland.

The Gentile me is privileged to have Hajo Meyer as a dear friend and I have just talked with him. In the light of what Israeli forces are doing over and in the Gaza Strip, I asked him if he was still not seeking to draw a parallel between Israel’s policies and the Nazis’ endgame.

He replied, “It’s becoming harder and harder not to draw that parallel.” And he agreed that it was now time to describe Israel’s hardcore Zionists and those Israelis who follow their orders as “Nazis”.

As we were speaking, I opened an e-mail from another Jewish friend. It contained quotes from a statement made yesterday in the House of Commons by Sir Gerald Kaufman, the only Jewish MP who has been consistent for many years in his criticism of Israeli policy.

His statement included this: “Is it not an incontrovertible fact that Olmert, Livni and Barak are mass murderers and war criminals?” I read that to Hajo. He said, “Kaufman is right. Every effort must now be made to bring Israel’s leaders to trial.”
Of course that will not happen, so how might their endgame be played out?

In my analysis, there is no mystery about Israel’s current real purpose. It is to put Hamas out of political as well as military business in order to improve the prospects for bullying and bribing President Abbas and his Fatah-dominated, quisling Palestine National Authority into accepting crumbs from Zionism’s table – the crumbs being an Israeli withdrawal from parts of the West Bank to provide the Palestinians with two or three Bantustans which they could call a state if they wished.

Would President Abbas actually be prepared to settle for very much less than a complete Israeli withdrawal from all of the West Bank including Arab East Jerusalem? The answer ought to be “No” because to do so would be to betray his own people and their 60 years of struggle for an acceptable minimum of justice.

But what if he came under pressure from President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton, and their message to him, endorsed by Quartet envoi Tony Blair, was something like, “You’ve got to be pragmatic. This is the best deal you Palestinians are ever likely to get.”

Obama and Clinton would not need to add, “Because we’re not going to press the Israelis to do what they don’t want to do.”

Under such pressure, and also that applied by the regimes of the existing corrupt, repressive and impotent Arab Order, it is not impossible that President Abbas would buckle completely and accept the crumbs on offer from Zionism’s table, but if he did, he and they would be rejected by the overwhelming majority of the occupied Palestinian people.

Then what?

Israel creates a pretext for war with them all. Endgame. A Zionist holocaust.

In my view, which Hajo Meyer shares, that could happen unless enough Israelis and the Jews of the world are prepared to acknowledge that a terrible wrong was done to the Palestinians by Zionism (the few) in the name of all Jews.

The American edition of Alan Hart’s book, Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, is to be published by Clarity Press Inc in April, beginning with Volume One (of three with possibly a fourth) which has the subtitle The False Messiah.