Source: Edna Yaghi’s response to Dr. Mathis’s letter <Palestinian Holocaust

The UN partition of 1947 gave to Jews what it had no right to give in the first place. You cannot give the land of one people to another and call it international law. In 1922, the Jews in Palestine constituted only 11 % of the population but by 1947, they had increased their number to 31 %. This was a result of massive immigration. I would love to see how accommodating Dr. Mathis would be to some people who decided to occupy his home, take it away from him and evict him simply on the grounds that they felt they had the right to do so. That is, if they did not think that murdering him first would be a much better idea than to bother with just evicting him and his family to some desert place without food or shelter.

The Palestinians that fled their homes did so because of the atrocities committed by Jewish terrorist groups such as the Irgun and Stern gangs when they massacred whole villages of Palestinian civilians such as at Deir Yassin. Official Zionist history describes which methods of terrorism should be used to attack the Palestinians. The objective was to inflict physical harm or liquidate them. Plan Dalet was such a plan used by the Jewish Haganah. It was very effective and the result was nearly a million refugees in 1947.

The Jewish claim to Palestine has no historical basis. Zionists claim the extent of the Kingdom of David and Solomon which lasted for only about 73 years. Settled populations have inhabited Palestine for some 9000 years. Much of the land that the Zionists claim as exclusively theirs has been predominantly populated by Jews for less than 1% of its history. From AD 70, when the Roman emperor Titus destroyed the Jewish Temple, the Jewish community in Palestine practically ceased to exist until Saladin, the Muslim conqueror, retook Jerusalem in 1187 and allowed the Jews to return.

Modern anthropologists believe that today’s Palestinians are descended from the Canaanites who are the earliest recorded inhabitants of the land and the Philistines. The Palestinian people, despite the infusion of other peoples, have remained the natural inhabitants of the land.

The meaning of Jihad is a struggle for the cause of God. It is a revolution in the system of life to establish a new system in conformity with the ideology of Islam and to establish a just and equitable social order among human beings. One who goes for Jihad does so without thought of worldly benefits. Israel is the most oppressive of all societies. That children are shot at point blank range is proof of how low the Israelis have stooped in their hate of those who are non-Jews. The Palestinians do not put their children in front of Israeli guns in order to gain world sympathy. Those children are throwing stones in the name of freedom and Jihad. Truly no person who takes aim at a small child could ever even be considered the follower of any faith. It is reported that more than 10,000 Palestinians have been injured during the latest uprising and more than 320 have died. It is the Israelis who shoot these freedom fighters down with live ammunition, with helicopter gunfire, with tanks and with warships at sea. This is no democracy we are witnessing here; this is a holocaust and genocide against the Palestinian people.