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Between January and September 2007, 38 children were killed and 209 children were injured as a result of direct Israeli military and settler violence. By the end of September, 335 Palestinian children were being held in Israeli detention facilities. The majority of children detained in 2007 are from households with very low or no income, and the highest percentage has generally been from the northern West Bank.

10% of Palestinian children under five are stunted, with proportions highest in Gaza, reaching almost 30% in north Gaza. More than 70% of 9-month-old children in Gaza and 50% in the West Bank are anemic.

In 2006, people in Gaza survived on an average of 81 liters of water a day, while West Bankers lived on just 58. (The World Health Organization recommends 150 liters/day for drinking, cooking, cleaning and bathing). In the West Bank, 25% of water sources are contaminated by fecal coliform bacteria.