Source: Gang members of ‘death squads’ tell about their crimes in Chechnya

The so-called “death squads”, consisted mainly from the Russian Special Forces, participate in the war in Chechnya and in Caucasus.

The murderers were picked on a voluntary basis. They were engaged in killings of relatives of the Mujahideen and those who sympathized with them.

Two Russian “high-ranking officers”, the members of one of the gangs of “death squads”, have told to the British edition of The Times about the “unofficial” methods of struggle with the Mujahideen and with their relatives, as well as the techniques of torture.

According to the newspaper, the murderers presented themselves as “Andrei” and “Vladimir”, not naming their surnames for security reasons. They called themselves “zaichiks (little hares)”.

According to them, the prisoners and the hostages were tortured with a hammer and electricity, the bodies then were either buried in unmarked pits or “pulverized”.

According to the murderers, one artillery shell was placed between the legs of the victim and one over the chest, adding several 200-gram TNT blocks and then the body was blew “to smithereens”.

“The trick is to make sure absolutely nothing is left. No body, no proof, no problem”, they explained.

The murderers told that in such a way they had finished off the 40-year-old Chechen who allegedly was a “recruiter of the female Shaheeds”.

Two “recruited” were detained together with her – one was barely 15.

“At first the older one denied everything, then we roughed her up and gave her electric shocks. She provided us with good information. Once we were done with her we shot her in the head”, the murderers tell.

The body was disposed in a field and “pulverized”. The abducted girls were executed after long tortures.

“Andrei” told that has personally killed 10 “female suicide bombers”, and once has ordered a tank to drive over a certain “Chechen female sniper”.

The murderers told that in 2002, in retaliation for the killing of 2 members of “FSB” gang, they had killed 200 civilians.

The murderers stated that the tortures and murders of hostages “were widely used among special forces”.

The superiors tacitly backed them – on the understanding that all of this would be carried out covertly.

The author of the material in The Times wrote that “acts of blood-curdling brutality were committed by both sides”, saying that “the Chechen separatists, especially in the beginning of war, severely treated civilians and prisoners: they were often raped and killed women and children and decapitated Russian soldiers”.

For all that the author of article has not mentioned any facts of “rapes of women and children” (whose women and whose children, is it Chechens occupied Russia?” – KC).

Meanwhile the murderer “Andrei” told that “he had gone berserk when they got a terrorist with several videos of militants torturing Russian prisoners of war, in particular there was a video of the arrested laughing as his comrades raped a 12-year-old girl and then shot off her fingers”.

“The Chechen, despite his order, could not get up because of handcuffs, then his arms were chopped off by an axe, and realizing that further interrogation would be impossible he was shot in the head” the murderer told.

We would like to indicate in this regard that Russian TV has already shown all video footages, the Russian infidels have, of kidnappings and violence over hostages, which were practiced by separate gangs in Chechnya during the period from 1996 to 1999. There was nothing known till now about a videocassette, told by the murderer.

Moreover, today it is known for certain that almost all gangs engaged in kidnappings in Chechnya and in neighboring regions were supervised and financed by the FSB.

Thus, the gangs of Yamadayev and Kadyrov were kidnapping people in Dagestan and in Ingushetia. The gang of Movladi Baisarov “worked” in Chechnya and in Ingushetia. He also participated in abduction and murder of three Britons and a New Zealander.

The gang of Ramzan Dzhamalkhanov (nickname “Ram”), kidnapped people in Chechnya, Russia, Ingushetia.

With the beginning of intrusion of Russian invaders into Chechnya in 1999, it was found out that all these gangs were managed by the FSB, and their ringleaders became officers of the Russian army and secret services. The members of the gangs became “special forces troops” and “militiaman” as a part of occupation troops.

Meanwhile the murderer “Andrei” tells that he thought of his opponents not as human beings but as “cockroaches to be squashed”.

“That’s the only way to deal with terrorists”, he explained.

The murderer told about a peculiar hobby of Russian infidels. So, one soldier “liked to collect chopped off ears, he’d made a necklace and wanted to take this home”.

“I did not like that kind of behavior”, “Andrei” confessed to journalists.

According to “Vladimir” not everyone could carry out their “work”:

“You have to be a very strong. Those who carried it out always volunteered. It would not be right to order one of your men to torture someone. It can be morally and psychologically very tough.”

Thus, the two sadists have told to the journalist that they not murderers at all.

“We are not murderers. We are officers engaged in a war against brutal terrorists who will stop at nothing, not even at killing children, – “Andrei” explained. – They are animals and the only way to deal with them is to destroy them. There is no room for legal niceties in a war like this. Only those who were there can truly understand. I have no regrets. My conscience is clear,” the infidel concluded.