An extraordinary documentary, informative and enquiring.

Two Polish film makers travelled in search of why people fight in jihad. This took them to Chechnya, Qatar and Afghanistan. They interviewed the former Chechen President Zelimkhan Yandarbiev (two weeks before he was assassinated), Amir Khattab in the mountains of Chechnya (also subsequently assassinated), Shamil Basaev, and tribal elders of Waziristan, near the Afghan-Pakistan highland border, whose sons are being kidnapped by the Americans.


“The death of Abdul-Halim Sadulayev, President of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, is a great and very sad loss for the whole Chechen land. May I express my sincere condolences to his relatives, friends, and comrades-in-arms.

“He was the youngest Chechen president in history.

“The fate of his family was tragic. Shortly before Sadulaev became president, his beloved wife, mother of his five children, was captured and killed by the occupants. He could not save his wife, because he was defending the whole Chechen land and the freedom of its citizens. But he did not like to talk about this tragedy, because there are tens of thousands of other Chechen women and girls, who were tortured and killed in Russian filtration camps.

“Indeed, life of a president is hard. In Chechnya, which is occupied but not subdued, being a president is also a mortal danger. Yet, it is a great honour. Not only is the land of our ancestors, with its mountains, rivers and forests, entrusted to the president, but also its freedom, for which so many Chechens have sacrificed their lives.

“In his last interview, published by the Bulgarian “Politika” weekly, Abdul-Halim frankly answered the trickiest questions of the journalists and defended his position very successfully. His speech was simple and unsophisticated, but it showed great depth of thinking and great purity of intentions.

“Politics is usually seen as a dirty business – and indeed, there are a lot of corrupt politicians. However, if all the politicians got a bit more alike our late president, the world would surely be a better place.

“Pity that we came to know and appreciate him so late… He was so young and handsome, but the God always takes the best people. Now Abdul-Halim Sadulaev is in the Heaven, together with our other presidents killed by Russia: Djokhar Dudayev, Zalimkhan Yandarbiyev and Aslan Maskhadov. And don’t believe they are dead. As Koran reads: “All those who follow the right way, I will take them alive, though you cannot understand this”.

“But look how many people with dead souls still live around us in this world! Surely, their fate is much worse than that of the fallen Chechen warriors.

“General Djokhar Dudayev, our first president, used to say “All the Chechens are generals, and I am only the last of them”. He loved his nation very much, and he believed in it. The death of another Chechen president cannot reverse the history, which is full of horrible crimes against the Chechen nation. The night is darkest just before the dawn.

“Time will come when the Chechen land frees itself from filtration camps and prisons, from block-houses and barbed wire. People shall return to their fireplaces, and Chechen towers shall rise again over Ichkeria’s mountains, resembling the real Kyonakhs. I wish the Chechen nation victory, bright sun, blue skies, and prospering land of Ichkeria.”

Alla Dudayeva is the widow of the first Chechen president Djokhar Dudayev, killed by Russians in 1996

Chechen Press


Russia’s most recent “success” in its war on terrorism was the liquidation of the combatant Ruslan Odizhev on 27 June, near the mosque in Nalchik. The security services vaunt this as their biggest achievement this year. In their press releases they made the following claims:

1. The deceased participated in blowing up apartment blocks in Moscow and Volgodonsk in 1999.
2. The deceased was a member of the Afghani “Taliban”.
3. The deceased organised a failed uprising in Kabardino-Balkaria in 2001.
4. The deceased was detained in Afghanistan and held for two years in the American prison at Guantanamo.
5. The deceased was the spiritual leader of the terrorist jamaat “Yarmuk”.
6. The deceased took part in an attack on the power structures of Kabardino-Balkaria on 13 October 2005, and lead a group storming the building where the republic’s OMON [Special Police Force] are based.

In reality:

Odizhev came to the authorities’ attention because he attended a madrassah, had visited Saudi Arabia, and happened to fly out of Moscow to the Caucasus immediately after the Moscow apartment explosions. Odizhev was kidnapped by the FSB, and for a time he “disappeared”. When he was released because of unwanted publicity surrounding the case, his nails had been torn out, his nipples had cigarette burn marks on them, and he had been subjected to mock executions in the forest.

To escape further persecution, he left for Afghanistan. There he continued studying at a madrassah. Until the Americans invaded. Escaping the American bombs and the summary executions of the US allied Afghan warlords, he ended up in US captivity. He was taken to Guantanamo as an “al Qaeda” suspect. Seven other Russian captives accompanied him there. Two years later, they were released without charge. Yet, back home, they faced prosecution attempts in the Russian Federation. Odizhev was detained for six months, then released without charge.

Another enemy cynically liquidated…

Insha Allah, a shahid.


An Interview with Abdul-Halim Sadulaev, President of Chechnya, Subsequently Murdered by the Kremlin

Q: The Muslim world today does not show such active interest in the Chechen struggle for independence. What in your opinion is the reason?

A: The situation in the world has changed. If earlier, Jihad was waged mainly on our territory, then many of the world’s countries are engaged in this holy struggle today — Afghanistan, Iraq, in the first instance Palestine. Many Islamic countries have become frontlines. So the support of the Muslims is now divided. But we never felt that ordinary Muslims took no interest or didn’t help us. On the contrary, not only the men help us, our Muslim sisters support the mojaheddin too by sending us their personal valuables. We know that a great many Muslims make duas to Allah for us . And that too is support.

Q: The Chechen mujaheddin are criticised for carrying out operations targeting civilians. What do you day to such criticism?

A: “The greater the lie, the more they’ll believe it.” The Russians spread propaganda, claiming that all we are interested in is killing civilians. They try to plant this propaganda across the world. However, everyone knows full well in reality who is killing civilians and who gives out orders to murder. Everyone knows that Putin gave his troops the order to kill ten innocent civilians for every dead soldier, declaring that it was the only way to acchieve victory.

Last year Russian troops savagely killed the six-month-old child and wife of one of our mujaheddin. And there are hundreds of such cases. The world’s press says nothing about this, nothing about the fact that the Russians have killed fifty thousand Chechen children. Or are the children of Chechen Muslims not considered innocent civilians?

Source: Chechen Press (2006/03/27)


On the right: Abdul-Halim Sadulaev, Chechen President, shahid (insha Allah)

“The President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Abdul-Halim Sadulaev, with whom I had the happiness to work together for a whole three years after the Russian-Chechen war (1994-1996), has died a hero’s death on the path of Allah. Contact with Abdul-Halim brought me and my comrades enormous pleasure, as through his sermons and the personal example of his life he fortified our iman. He was not in the habit of interrupting others, even when a small child talked with him. He was an astonishingly honest person, who through the divine gift of his speech attracted the Chechen youth. People came from other towns and villages across the Chechen Republic to Dzhokhar for his Friday sermons.

“Tall, slender, beautiful, he reminded many of his heroic predecessor Sheikh Mansur, who also died on Allah’s path. Today it will be hard for us to get used to the thought that Abdul-Halim Sadulaev will no longer be with us. However, we should not feel too distraught, knowing that our brother Abdul-Halim is in Paradise, as a person who sacrificed his life on the path of Allah.”

First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Ilyas Musaev


Four munafiqs stumbled across the body of Sheikh Abdul-Halim Sadulaev, President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria after he had been killed by the Russians in a chance encounter. One of them recognised him and was struck by the nur (light) shining from his face.”Look at his face,” he cried involuntarily. A second one, who it seems could read Arabic, cried out, “And look at his arm too. The name ALLAH is traced out in his blood.”

At that moment one of them photographed Sadulaev and hid his telephone. The awe-struck munafiqs left Sadulaev’s body untouched, left his money, which had been destined for the mujahideen, untouched by his side.

Sadulaev’s corpse was later found and mutilated, and the money looted.

The munafiq who took the photograph has circulated the story of what he witnessed and says he is now ready to join the mujahideen resistance.

Знамение Аллаха на Шейхе Абдул-Халиме